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 You can't stop me - (Just a quick something)

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PostSubject: You can't stop me - (Just a quick something)   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:58 pm

So you can say what you wanna say throw words and hold up a 'vicious 'placard,
But just know I'mma keep walking through cause I'm an 'ambitous 'b^stard,
With a right hook that'll leave your vision 'shattered,
And everything that 'mattered in a 'tattered 'state,
You'll be 'scattered on the 'interstate with a 'battered 'plate,
And so much shit in your life you'll have a 'clattered 'fate...

Supreme overlord of RapBase lol!
Message me if you have any queries or need help

-WretchedMe.- clown
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You can't stop me - (Just a quick something)
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